PM Narendra Modi scholarship for 12th pass students

This post is primarily for you if you are a 12th pass student seeking scholarships that will assist and improve yourself. This will provide you with everything you need to know about PM Narendra Modi scholarship for 12th pass students, eligibility, and how to apply.

These scholarships will enable them to continue their education so they can have a successful future. Additionally, PM Narendra Modi introduced a scholarship programme for 12th-graders. One of the most well-known scholarships is the PM Scholarship after the 12th grade. Students can be admitted based on their performance on the 12th-grade board test, but frequently, in order to get prizes, applicants must take scholarship examinations.

Those who earned 85% or more in the 12th grade would receive a total of Rs 25000 as part of the PM Narendra Modi scholarship for 12th-pass students in 2022. Additionally, postgraduate students can use it (BCA, BBA, Engineering, Medical).

PM Narendra Modi scholarship for 12th pass students

In the fourth and fifth semesters, the candidate who is enrolled in a professional programme may additionally get INR 2000 as a scholarship.

A total of 5500 scholarships for boys and girls will be given out each academic year.

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To assist dependent kids and widows of the Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles with their technical and professional studies, the PM Scholarship for 12th Pass Students 2022 was launched.


It is governed by the National Defense Fund. It was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji. The scholarship was started in 2006–2007 and is continuing in operation today. Scholarships like this have a big impact on students because they give them hope for a stable future in school. Generally speaking, this scholarship is offered throughout the whole year, with the exception of March and April. Under this programme, the chosen applicants will get their fees reimbursed as well as a certain monthly sum.

How can I apply for pm modi scholarship 2022

Follow the instructions to submit an online application for the PM Modi Scholarship 2022.

  • Please visit
  • Navigate to the website’s PMSS option.
  • Locate “New Application” by scrolling down.
  • You went from Form-0 of the PMSS to Form-1 by pressing the button.
  • Complete the form by providing all the necessary information as directed.
  • Now press the submit button.
  • Next, you go to Form 2.
  • Please provide the necessary information below.
    Re-press the submit button.
  • When your form is finally submitted, a thank you message is shown on your screen.

PM Narendra Modi Scholarship eligibility

Different levels of PM scholarships are available, with the PM award for 12th-grade graduates receiving the most attention. You must adhere to particular qualifying requirements whether you’re applying for a PM Scholarship for PhD students, a PM Scholarship for kids in class 10, or a PM Scholarship for engineering students. For the Pradhan Mantri (PM Modi Scholarship) Yojana 2022, the prerequisites are listed.

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For CAPFS & Assam Rifles 

  • Wards and Widows of deceased.
  • APFs & AR personnel died in harness/election duty, wards of personnel disabled due to causes attributable to government service and wards of Ex CAPFs and AR personnel in the recipient of Gallantry awards.
  • Wards/Widows of retried and serving CAPFs and AR personnel (personnel below officer rank)
  • Applicants must have scored 60% marks in a minimum entry qualification i.e. 12/diploma/graduation or equivalent in case of a new applicant.
  • Applicants applying under renewal are mandatory to pass the exam with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • A grace period of one year will be given for the renewal under certain terms and conditions.

For State, Police Forces 

  • Must be pursuing a degree programme in the field of engineering, medicine, dental, and veterinary, BBA, BCA, B. Pharma, B.Sc. (nursing, agriculture etc.), MBA and MCA.
  • Minimum of 60% marks in 12th, diploma /graduation or if you are a new applicant.
  • Applicants under the new category must have scored a minimum of 50% marks.
  • A grace period of one year is given for the renewal of the scholarship.

Important Note – 

  • To apply under any category, minimum entry qualifications differ for the entry of various professional courses. For eg., the ME Q of MBBS is 10+2 whereas for B.E/B.tEch is 10+2/diploma and graduation for B.Ed and MBA course.
  • Wards admitted in 2nd year if technical/professional bachelor degree course (B.E/B.Tech etc.) through lateral entry after completing the diploma course is eligible for PMSS  2022.

Who is not qualified for the 2022 PM Scholarship Program?

  • No student enrolled in a Master’s Degree Program may apply.
  • Any student who is employed or generating money is ineligible.
    the pupil who is undertaking studies abroad.
  • Any student enrolled in a course through distance learning is ineligible.
  • Applications for the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme 2022 are already accepted.
  • The application of the chosen student will be rejected if they switch their major or college and enrol again the following academic year.

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